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Testing Laboratory

CTL has a top notch testing laboratory to support your project needs. We are accredited for a variety of test methods through AASHTO Resource, CCRL, Army Corps of Engineers and the Washington Association of Buildings Officials (WABO). We are qualified to run both ASTM and AASHTO test methods depending on your project requirements.

Soils Testing

Our soils laboratory can test for material classification through grain size analysis, Atterberg limits and run standard and modified proctors for compaction testing. We also offer a variety of other tests as well. See our certificate of accreditation for a full list of test methods.

Aggregate Testing

Our aggregate laboratory can perform a wide variety of tests depending on your needs. We can run the tests that WSDOT uses for pit approvals such as LA Abrasion, WSDOT Degradation and Specific Gravity. This can be useful when evaluating a potential aggregate source for viability. We can also run many of the typical tests used for comparison to the WSDOT / APWA specifications as well as AASHTO / ASTM standards for road construction, asphalt and concrete production. See our certificate of accreditation for a full list of test methods

Asphalt Testing

Our asphalt mixture testing laboratory is the most capable and experienced in western Washington. We have the capabilities to perform both Superpave / Gyratory mix designs as well as the older Marshall method often preferred by the ACOE and FAA. We have a state of the art Hamburg wheel rut tester for mixture strength evaluation as well as mixture stripping susceptibility. CTL also has extensive experience performing porous HMA mix designs and the associated specialty testing.